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South East London Film Club September Listings

Right under your noses in SE London is a incredibly active and diverse film club scene, perfect for those who can't stand the howling kids and stench of overripe popcorn in modern cinemas. Many of these screenings, events and mini-film seasons take place in offbeat locations like cafes, pubs, even the odd cemetery now and then. The kaleidoscope of clubs and events listings are grouped under the handy umbrella of the South East London Film Club site.

There are too many events and venues to list here, and the listings rarely are put up a full month in advance, so check back here for updates or follow the club via its mailing list and twitter/facebook accounts. This month sees the Peckham and Nunhead free film festival, with a huge range of free screenings, from silent classics to family friendly comedies.

Announced already for September: