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Curzon Mayfair hosts preview of Two Days, One Night plus Q&A with Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (August 8, 620pm)

Friday 8 August 6.20pm

Curzon Mayfair.

Tickets and Details here.

Two Days, One Night: A film high on my 'must-see' list, ever since it caused a stir at Cannes and had some critics betting on it taking the Palme d'Or (current Rottentomatioes score: 88%). It combines the Dardennes Brothers (directors of the touching and subtle Kid with a Bike, which I caught a few years back) and one of my favourite actresses: Marion Cotillard. The Curzon will be hosting the directing duo for a Q&A after the preview screening. I recommend anyone interested in their work and /or Marion Cotillard to get down there.

Personally I cannot be at the screening, but my excuse is excellent as I will be at the Back to the Future Secret Cinema event.

From the Curzon site:

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne continue to mine the lives of individuals faced with potentially tragic consequences in this powerful drama. Marion Cotillard is impressive as Sandra, a woman who returns to work after suffering from depression to find out that her colleagues have chosen to take a bonus at the expense of her job. She has just one weekend to change their minds. 

We welcome the Dardenne brothers (The Kid With a Bike, The Silence of Lorna) for a Q&A following the special screening of their new film on Friday 8 August 6.20pm at Curzon Mayfair 

We regret that Marion Cotillard will no longer be able to attend due to the commitments of her filming schedule. 

Special Preview screening: Tuesday 19 August 6.30pm at Curzon Mayfair 

With thanks to Curzon's Artificial Eye. 

Two Days, One Night opens across Curzon Cinemas and Curzon Home Cinema on 22 August.