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Frontline Club Summer Screening: The Architecture of Violence + Q&A

Wednesday 13 August 2014, 7:30 PM

Frontline Club.

Tickets and details here.

With the conflict in Gaza headline news the last few weeks, the Frontline Club streps into the intense debate with a screening of the fascinating-sounding The Architecture of Violence, which takes an oblique look at the conflict through the architecture of the Israeli settlements and military installations and their role in separation and control. Director Q&A after.

From the Frontline site:

In a journey across the settlements, the roads and the Separation Wall of the West Bank, Eyal Weizman demonstrates how architecture is central to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and how his work on the architecture of occupation has led him to understand the discipline’s role in modern urban warfare.

Israelis and Palestinians explain how it feels to live in a landscape where everything, from walls and roads, terraces and sewage pipes, to settlements and surveillance are designed to ensure the separation of the two peoples, while simultaneously maintaining control.

This Al Jazeera Rebel Architecture preview screening will be followed by a discussion with director Ana Naomi de Sousa and protagonist and architect Eyal Weizman. Weizman will talk about his latest project Forensic Architecture, which makes innovative use of architectural and visual technologies to present architecture as evidence in the investigation of war crimes and human rights violations.