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Colombian Film Panorama- London


5-8 June

London Venues:

Bussey Building, Apiary Studios, Rio Cinema, Hackney Picture House

Occupying some of the smaller and more offbeat of London's cinemas away from the city centre (and thus being refreshingly less crowded), the Colombian Film Panorama offers a mix of fiction features, documentaries, and shorts.  Launching the panorama this year on June 5th is the intriguing sounding THE ETERNAL NIGHT OF THE TWELVE MOONS (La eterna noche de las 12 Lunas) from director Priscila Padilla, which looks at the old traditions that menstruating women have to follow in the indigenous Wayuu tribe. As soon as they begin menstruating, young women have to go and spend a year in a simple hut where only a few women are allowed to visit them. Contact with men is taboo. The film follows the journey of 12 year old Pili, when, for her grandmother’s sake, she decides to follow the custom. 


From the official site:

 The three European capitals open their doors for the second time to a new generation of film talent that will provide us with different perspectives on Colombia. The selection this year includes works that explore the country’s spaces of light and shadow, its places and lost memories. Come and join us in one or more of the 30 screenings and discussions happening these dates.
In London, "The Eternal Night of Twelve Moons" documenting the traditions of the Wayuu women will be the opening film with the presence of its director via Skype, Priscila Padilla. This will be taking place on Thursday the 5th of June, 6pm at the Bussey Building – CLF Art Cafe. The documentaries "Don Ca" + Q&A and "Gorgona, Stories on the Run" both beautifully shot in the Pacific region, are scheduled for Saturday the 7th, 4pm in Rio Cinema and CLF Art Café respectively. 

The Panorama is co-organized between the Colombian Film Panorama and El Perro que Ladra, working since 2008 distributing independent and unreleased Latin American cinema in Europe. Through the dissemination of independent films, the association has built a unique network that hosts films and Latin American directors in Paris in association with Cinema La Clef, in Barcelona with Maldà Cinema and in London through the collective Colombian Film Panorama.


Twitter: @ColFilmPanorama