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Filmbar 70 presents The Satanic Rites of Dracula ( 15 December 7pm)

Filmbar 70 get you into the Christmas spirit with a Hammer studios horror classic that took the never-ending battle of the Prince of Darkness and Van Helsing...into the 1970s.

"As the year of Hammer’s 80th draws to a close, join Filmbar70 at the Mucky Pup for the last gasp of the studio’s mightiest series - ‘The Satanic Rites of Dracula’ - for FREE.
Relocated to the less than swinging ‘70s, this welter of sheepskin jackets and occult shenanigans may not be the most auspicious way to end the series, but it certainly does deliver a whole lot of fun. From motorcycle goons to apocalyptic master plans, ‘Satanic Rites’ successfully combines spy motifs with blood sucking chills in an attempt to reinvigorate the franchise.
So, join us this winter’s night for some blood warming old school horror in the confines of your favourite boozer.

When a number of high ranking professionals and politicians are observed participating in shocking occult ceremonies, the English secret service draw upon the arcane knowledge of Lorrimar Van Helsing (Peter Cushing), the descendant of the great vampire hunter. Together they uncover a plot that weaves its serpentine way to a shadowy figure (Christopher Lee) who is determined to preside over the demise of the human race…"