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Underwire Film Festival (11-15 November, various venues)

UnderWire Festival launched in 2010 under the leadership of Gabriella Apicella and Gemma Mitchell, who wanted to provide a bigger platform for the work of women filmmakers. Women still make up a small proportion of film creatives, and UnderWire looks to recognise the best short work made by women across a range of crafts – from director to cinematographer; screenwriter to editor. 

You can see the 2014 programme here. In addition to the female-centric programme, Underwire will also be hosting the intriguing sounding, South-Korean influenced DVD Bang, which is described as:

"DVDBANG DVD cinema presents a collection of East Asian women’s shorts in the UK’s first DVD-방. DVDBANG is a not-for-profit project based on our favourite South Korean entertainment idea: the movie rental shop and micro cinema. The DVD cinema room can be booked for couples, groups, families or just for one: a social space where the rules of traditional cinema viewing are not enforced, but slippers definitely are. What you watch and how you watch it is up to you.…"